“Tiktok Comments, June 2020” 30 page zine, edition of 10

AREN’T BOYCOTTS MORE LIKELY TO BE EFFECTIVE THAN STRIKES BECAUSE COMPANIES CAN JUST EMPLOY  STRIKEBREAKERS? / I WANNA GO SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE ON DRUGS. I’M TIRED OF DOING DRUGS IN THE HOUSE / ECONOMIC GUILLOTINE 2020 🗽🗽🗽/ CUT THE ROPEEEE / Reply to USER7195492747: IF U THINK AI IS GOING TO SAVE US FROM WORKING & NOT TURN PEOPLE INTO THE LUMPEN PROLETARIAT CASTE IVE GOT NEWS FOR YOU ABT THE HISTORY OF AUTOMATION / CANCEL THE SYSTEM OF GLOBAL ECONOMIC OPPRESSION FUELD IN PART BY RACISM AND WHITE SUPREMACY UwU / & THAT’S ON THE VON THüNEN MODEL / REMOVING ALL ZONING LAWS / IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU’VE COME TO TERMS WITH THE VASTNESS OF DATA / I THINK IM JUST UNABLE TO MAKE A LINEAR ARGUMENT / MORE ANARCHY! / VIBES ON VIBES ON VIBES / CAN YOU EXPLAIN THE BIOTIC CRISIS? I STILL DON’T GET IT. / HOW CAN YOU REALLY SITUATE A HUMAN IN THE ENVIRONMENT??? / GET RID OF CARS / Me and my FBI agent watching this 👁👄👁 / ALGORITHM / If underpaid, untrained, clerks like this keep their cool around people who are actually aggressive, then so can the cops. periodt. / I agree but the “diverse working class” is just window dressing over modern day slavery (prison labour) which disproportionally effects BIPOC. / Yes exactly people say the party’s switched on slavery when in reality they are both the same no person can be free under centralized govt. / And together they engage in divisive rhetoric to discourage unionization and to distract us from the oppression of the working class 🥰/ So third party and we all build robots to do all the hard labor and we then get to chill and be humans and not a working class at all / FINNA START SLEEPING IN A SALT CIRCLE / DEATH BEING SHY / 2020 PEG ALL MEN 💅✨✨ 🇺🇸 / Im tired of being self aware I wannabe a cloud