The Place Inside the Smoke January 1, 2021 marked the beginning of the Initiative for Trade Aesthetics (ITA), an ongoing long-term collaboration between Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen and the oral corporation Yugoexport. So far, ITA has found forms outside the exhibition, supporting the writings of Irena Haiduk, who heads Yugoexport since 2015. Two collections of writing Studio Feelings and All Classifications Will Lose Their Grip have propelled production of accessories, scripts, sets, animated films, educational and performance programs.

The written word is heard without speaking (like these lines you are reading now). Inside of the reader’s head there is an inner voice that sounds an oral path, towards an image nobody can own but anyone can use.

We start with stories that make the path to All Classifications Will Lose Their Grip. To enter, read on.

The Place Inside The Smoke (with Blakey Bessire)” As a Television Headquarters is bombed, a pack of stray dogs find a hidden room. Continue here. Download PDF, here.