Janice’s Toy Dog (1928)
Polylactic acid, gloss enamel
5” x 4” x 2.25”

For Barely Fair, P.A.D. presents ‘PAD,’ a fully domesticated booth upholstered in a furniture pad and ready to move. Mouse holes, door stops, toys, and paintings, this home is a full house filled with some of P.A.D.’s latest and long-standing contributors.

BARELY FAIR is an international art fair operated by Julius Caesar. The invitational fair presents a tiny peek inside the programming of thirty contemporary art galleries, project spaces, and curatorial projects during “Art Week” in Chicago. Included spaces will exhibit works in 1:12 scale booths built to mimic the design of a standard fair.

Barely Fair, Chicago, with Project Art Distribution (P.A.D.), Winter 2023.